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Project Manager and Network Coordinator


Job Profile

Project Manager and Network Coordinator


Project: Knowledge and Advocacy Support for Safeguarding HLP Rights in Syria

Reports to: Research Director / Executive Director

Type: Part-time (60%)

Salary scale: 28.800 Euro / Year

Working hours: 24 hours per week

Location: Remote work

Contract duration: One year

Starting date: TBD




Syrbanism is a non-profit organisation based in Berlin, Germany that aims at simplifying the technical language of urban policies in Syria to become accessible to all non-expert citizens through provision of information and support for an informed decision-making for a more peaceful future for Syria. Syrbanism areas of actions include mainly information; research; policies anaylsis; advocacy support; knowledge sharing & networking; as well as urban alternatives and capacity building provision. These areas operate in different urban development sectors such as Sustainable Development; Housing Land and Property (HLP); Informality, Participatory Design; Rural/urban Politics; Heritage; Public space & Placemaking. 

Syrbanism aims to grow as a robust and sustainable organization in playing a vital role in the new and challenging working field of advocacy for Housing, Land and Property rights in Syria, and becoming an essential knowledge and capacity platform for the protection of HLP rights in Syria and the MENA region. The project aims at safeguarding and promoting HLP rights of millions of people displaced by the Syrian conflict. Through awareness raising and capacity development, key Syrian stakeholders and organizations shall be enabled to advocate for these rights internationally and locally within Syria, with a view to improving basic conditions for future restitutions procedures and processes. This is phase 3 of the project, with having phases 1 and 2 as successfully implemented by Syrbanism in 2021 and 2022. Building on the previous experience, phase 3 will be with special focus on stretching the development of documentation and evaluation strategies of violations of the HLP rights, and on building synergies and consolidating the professional audience of other Syrian organisations, individual experts working on HLP challenges, and the Young Syrian Urbanist network (YSU) as a non-profit initiative of young Syrian urban rofessionals in diaspora that was established in 2020 by Syrbanism. The project three outcomes are: 

Improved knowledge of and information on how to document and monitor violations of HLP rights of the population displaced from informal settlements. 

Increased synergies between Syrian organisations and individual experts working on HLP challenges to lobby and advocate for protecting and safeguarding the HLP rights in the discourse on the future of Syria 

Increased capacities of young Syrian urban professionals to research and highlight HLP violations and challenges, and to operate internationally in support of Syrian HLP rights.

Responsibilities and tasks 

The position holder will be part of a remote small team of five and will be will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating various activities related to research, network coordination, and organizational development:

  • Coordinate research activities, including data assessment, case study development, and team coordination.
  • Supporting public relations activities including advocacy campaigning
  • Manage the Young Syrian Urbanists Network coordination, including meetings, training programs, and collaboration with external consultants.
  • Support organizational development by creating work plans, writing reports, support in project evaluation and monitoring, collaborating with external experts, and facilitating strategic collaborations.
  • Representing the interest of Syrbanism


The following tasks are fulfilled by the position holder:

Research and analysis 

  • Support the final selection of the informal settlement for a case in depth study and based on other research and analysis on informal settlements in Damascus 
  • Coordinate the formation of a research team 
  • Identify sources of information, stakeholders and actors to be involved in the case study
  • Define the scope and content of the case study
  • Coordinate the review process with the research team
  • Coordinate GIS data entry, copy editing and translation activities in English and Arabic
  • Coordinate Presenting the case study
  • Support the publication and dissemination of the case study on the Syrbanism website and/or other suitable online platforms or media
  • Conduct analysis of research developed in project phase 2, GIS database and other relevant resources
  • Coordinate developing advocacy materials for Syrbanism website and/or other suitable online platforms or media


Young Syrian Urbanists (YSU) network coordination

  • Review and analyze the network's founding documents, vision, mission, and structure.
  • Create work plans and action plans for network goals and outcomes.
  • Arrange and lead coordination meetings with the Steering Committee.
  • Collaborate with external experts to design the YSU capacitation program and training package based on network needs.
  • Coordinate the implementation of training activities for network members.
  • Conduct regular meetings with the YSU network for progress updates.
  • Organize and conduct online plenary meetings for network members.
  • Design and produce urban-themed productions aligned with the yearly theme.
  • Evaluate and assess the impact of networking activities.


Organizational development

  • Write reports
  • Support in project evaluation and monitoring
  • Update information on project progress and results were needed
  • Draft Terms of Reference (TORsfor potential external consultants
  • Develop work plans and action plans for organizational development
  • Collaborate with external experts to identify necessary interventions and create a roadmap for the next three years.
  • Coordinate strategic topics for collaboration based on expert recommendations.
  • Assist in developing collaboration proposals, project proposals, concept notes, and agreements.


Additional tasks

  • Represent the interest of Syrbanism
  • Other tasks upon the request of direct superior


Qualifications and experience

The ideal candidate for this position should possess qualifications such as a relevant degree, strong research and analytical skills, proficiency in GIS and data management, excellent language skills in English and Arabic, experience in network coordination and organizational development, and effective communication and organizational abilities. Familiarity with urban development issues, particularly in the Syrian context, would be advantageous.

  • A master’s degree (preferable) or a Bachelor’s degree in relevant field of study such as urban planning, development studies ..etc. 
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in a comparable position
  • Experience in network coordination and facilitation
  • Experience in project management
  • Familiarity with organizational development concepts and practices
  • Ability to deal with different stakeholders and service providers
  • Proven ability to work with external consultants and draft TORs
  • Ability to work independently, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines
  • Ability to work autonomously and efficiently, manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines
  • Excellent written communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent English and Arabic writing and oral communication skills
  • Flexible, motivated and a team player


The following qualification are advantageous

  • Solid experience in the Syrian context, urban development and urban recovery processes
  • Experience in the international development or non-profit sector 
  • Experience in advocacy campaigning 
  • GIS Knowledge 
  • Previous working experience with NGOs in the field of development and humanitarian context 
  • Previous working experience within the German international cooperation 


Required tendering documents

The candidate should submit the following documents:

  • Updated CVs 
  • Relevant experience (description of similar projects)
  • Motivation Letter

The documents should be sent to: hello@syrbanism.com with title: Project Manager by max. 23.06.2023.