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Lateral conflict of urban planning

The lateral conflict of urban planning in Damascus

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Date: March 01, 2019


Published By Open House International vol.44 no.2 march 2019, ISSN 0168-2601


With no fund in the horizon for large-scale reconstruction in Syria due to the absence of any political deal, the Syrian government has been designing and implementing neoliberal reconstruction policies that are socially unjust, economically exclusive and politically driven.

The focus of this paper is on the latest urban policies that have been set regarding reconstruction since 2011, such as Decree 66/2012 and Law 10/2018. It also looks at the extent these legislations are negatively affecting Syrian citizens and cities. The paper explores the impact of the current reconstruction policies on the Syrian citizens starting from removing people from their home without adequately compensate them, dispossessing people of property rights, advancing the agenda of external ‘developers’ and in many other ways showcasing the mentality of leveraging urban reconstruction as a powerful political tool in the conflict. 

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