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Law 23

Urban Planning and Urbanisation Law no. 23/2015

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Category Infographic

Date: June 28, 2021


Voice Over Justin Alfonso

Consultant Aref Alshaal & Feras Hawasly

Video Production MK Design Studio

Editor Aman Albezreh

Law No. 23, issued in 2015, is an Urban Planning and Urbanisation Law in Syria. Law 23 defines the methods used to prepare land for construction, according to a Master Plan. This preparation for construction is conducted either by zoning or by regulation. In this video, we will present the most important points concerning Law No. 23 of 2015 and its implementation mechanisms.

Law 23 is considered a pillar of urban planning in Syria, and to be adopted as an effective tool in improving the urban experience, many issues with the Law needs to be addressed:

Ignoring informal settlements, not providing compensation housing, shortness of period to prove ownership, acquisition of large tracts of land for the benefit of the administrative authority, the high financial burden on owners, the principle of compulsory distribution of shares, and the absence of an effective mechanism to represent the population.