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Law 15

Development and Real Estate Investment laws 15/2008

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Category Infographic

Date: June 28, 2021


Voice Over Justin Alfonso

Consultant Aref Alshaal & Feras Hawasly

Video Production MK Design Studio

Editor Aman Albezreh

Some reconstruction projects in Syria are governed by Development and Real Estate Investment laws which regulate new areas. Tal Al-Zarazir and Al-Haidarya in Aleppo are examples of that. In this video, we will present the most important points concerning Law No. 15 of 2008 and its implementation mechanisms.

The Law stipulates the formation of the General Commission for Development and Real Estate Investment and defines the Commission’s objectives and responsibilities. 

The Law also includes terms and goals for establishing real estate development zones. The Law sets out the conditions for licensing real estate development projects and creating real estate development companies.


Law 15 is considered a pillar of urban planning in Syria. For it to be adopted as an effective tool in improving the urban experience: The authority should take into account the principle of local participation in decision-making processes. It should also address the lack of upgrade policies for informal settlements instead of demolition and reconstruction. The content of the Law is also left open, as it allows for the demolition of residential areas, which are not limited to informal settlements. Furthermore, authorities should take into consideration the payment of fair compensation for acquired land and ensure it is commensurate with the price of the developed apportioned plot. It should also clarify the location of compensation housing, as well as how and by whom it is paid for, while ensuring that the occupant receives adequate compensation housing.