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ReconstructionThe Shadow System

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Date: May 22, 2017


The article posses different questions on the mechanisms of reconstructing Aleppo. It stresses the need to have an interactive and inclusive approach that guarantees social justice and equality for all. The author says that, “Yes, I do not know how Aleppo probably looks like today, and I cannot guess that either! However, how Aleppo would look like in the future should be the outcome of a long-term process that demands thinking about inclusive rather than exclusive mechanisms. These mechanisms should be an alternative to the strategy of ready and easy solutions which proved their failure in holding the Syrian society together. What we need is to come up with a manifesto that helps with creating an interactive platform for the reconstruction of the city on the basis of social justice and to preserve a space for dialogue to constantly feed this process.”

This article was published in AlNabad.net on 24/05/2017