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Date: November 13, 2017


The article grasps different reflections and definitions of ‘home’ for Syrians diaspora and migrants, these perspectives are based on Syrbanism’s particpation in a workshop called ‘Retracing Home’ conducted by Geurilla Architects Foundation during the Vienna Design Week 2017.

Syrbanism poses in this article a set of questions around the notion of home such as; what is the meaning of home, and whether Syrians share some reflections and expressions about their home. Moreover, this paper attempts invistigate the realtionship between the emotioanl and spatial dimension of home/house. The main question revolves around the drmatic changes of the notion of home within the current context of displacmenet, destruction and return, and how Syrians abroad developed indivdually their notions based on pure personal experiecne.

This article was published in AlNabad.net on 13/11/2017